How Do I Print Address Labels?


I would like to print address labels to send postcards to my customers, how can I do this?


There are two options for printing labels.

  1. You can purchase a Datamax label printer and use it to print both mailing labels and exam labels. Also note, the Datamax Label printer is great for printing Frame labels, if you would like to bar code your inventory for better control over your stock.
  • Mailing Labels: You will use these when you want to send campaigns/letters/postcards to your customers every few months.
  • Exam Labels: You will use these every day to print out your patients information for the doctor. 
  1. You can purchase the Avery Label upgrade and output your mailing list to your regular laser printer.

For more detailed information regarding the Avery Label upgrade, follow this link 


You can find the price of the upgrade and the Datamax Label Printer in our catalogue below.

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