NEW! Integration with Zoom for Telehealth

Would you like the ability to treat patients from their home, give valuable medical support and information, and provide service to remote areas?

WINK heard you and can help you stay connected with your patients! Ask your account manager about: "Integration with Zoom for Telehealth"



What is Teleoptometry?

FORAC defines teleoptometry as “… the provision of vision and eye health services that are delivered within the scope of practice of optometry using electronic health information, medical and communication technologies, and where the provider and patient are separated by remote distance.

For more information concerning guidelines for teleoptometry, please refer to these articles:


Benefits for you and your patients

 ✓ Care for patients that are homebound (reduced mobility)

 ✓ Convenient for patients that cannot take time off work 

✓ Convenient for patients that are at home with children

 ✓ Reduce waiting time

 ✓ Reduce number of no-shows

 ✓ Reduce the number of people stepping in your office

 ✓ Work from anywhere with internet access


Why Zoom?

We chose to integrate with Zoom for 3 main reasons:

  1. Security: Zoom is HIPAA/PIPEDA compliant
  2. Consistent high-quality video, even in low-bandwidth environments
  3. Ease of use

Click here to learn more about Zoom's healthcare plan 


How it works

•  When booking an appointment flagged as "Telehealth" in WINK, a link for a Zoom video-conference will automatically be sent to the patient in his confirmation and reminder

•  When the patient joins the video-conference, you will get a visual indicator in their appointment cell in your WINK calendar

•  Open the link to the video-conference from the appointment cell to connect with your patient and start your consultation.

Easy peasy!



  • Subscription to a Healtcare Plan with Zoom (NB: this integration will not work with basic or free Zoom subscription)
  • WINK subscription to basic SMS* (links for telehealth are sent via automated appointment confirmation) 
  • WINK subscription to Integration with Zoom for Telehealth**  
  • Video camera for your computer 
  • Quality microphone and speakers (headset or integrated with your computer)

*If you already have a subcription for a WINK package, get the integration with Zoom at no additional fee! Contact our support team ( to schedule a time for setting it up! **Must have your Zoom HealthCare plan Key and Secret prior to set up. 





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