Inventory Adjustment - Eyeglass Frames

"Some of my frames are missing", or "I found some frames in the backroom" or "I just performed an inventory audit by counting the frames by hand". How do I properly document these changes in WINK?

WINK allows you to adjust your inventory for any discrepancies. Please note: that you may require special permission in WINK to perform this task.

  1. From the Inventory tab:
    Inventory Audit >> Adjust Inventory >>Adjust Frame Inventory >> Click on New
  2. You can search for the frame by:
    1. Scan the barcode (if one is found)
    2. Type the product name in the "product" search bar
    3. Type the model number in the field "Find Product" (Type it "exactly" as it appears in your inventory report)
  3. Select one of the following options
    1. Add: This option is used when you find a frame that has not been accounted for in WINK.
    2. Remove: This option is used when you have a damaged or stolen frame.
    3. Set To: This option is used when you're performing an Inventory Audit and you're taking the time to count your frames by hand. This will also set your inventory count as of the date of this entry.
  4. Enter the Quantity, the Unit Value and a comment for the adjustment
  5. Click "Save" to save the changes
  6. To adjust another inventory item, click "New". Otherwise, close the page.


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