WINKsync: why can't I select a lens in my worksheet lens tree?

I created a worksheet, but the lens design I want to select is "greyed out"... why?


WINK has a validating system that will not allow you to order products that are not available. The lenses you cannot select will appear in pale caracters. If you try to select a greyed out lens design from your lens tree, there will be error messages remaining until you correct the issue.

If you do not have a green OK, you will NOT be able to place this order through WINK electronically. 

There could be a multitude of reasons why lenses appeared greyed out in your lens tree:

  1. The lens design you've selected is not available in the Rx you are trying to order (Rx is out of range)
  2. You need to enter a segment height
  3. You have to select a Lens Extra Charge (tint)
  4. You have to select an Extra Lens Parameter (progression length, vertex, etc)
  5. Insufficient diameter for stock lenses (your required diameter is too big)


For a more detailed explanation of each possibility, please read the section below:

 1) The lens design you've selected is not available in the Rx you are trying to order (Rx is out of range): are you sure the prescription you are trying to order is available for this lens?  Check with your lab to make sure it is, in fact available!

Availabilities and ranges are 100% provided to WINK by labs. It could happen that a lab's customer service will agree to surface lenses that are out of the normal catalog range provided to WINK. In this case, please order by phone or fax. 



2) You need to enter a segment height: progressives and certain single vision designs require that you enter a height before you can select them. 



3) You have to select a lens Extra Charge: if you select a sun package, you might have to specify which tint you want to order in the tab Lens Extra Charges


Click here to understand what the messages beside lens extra charges mean!


4) You have to specify Extra Parameters: some lenses require extra parameters such as Progression length, Vertex, Pantoscopic Angle and Wrap Angle. If such measurements are required, there will be a red asterisk preceding it in the tab "Extra Parameters"



5) Your required diameter is too big: if you are ordering STOCK lenses and your diameter exceeds the range for this design, you may not be able to select it. For most labs, negative lenses (-0.00) have a maximum diameter of 70mm or 75mm and positive lenses (+0.00) have a maximum diameter of 65mm. Check your lab documentation for maximum diameters for the stock lens design you are trying to select.

What causes the required diameter to be so big?

Your "A" measurement is large VS the PD that you provided. Eyes may not look well centered in the frame.



How can I resolve this issue?

a) Select surfaced lenses 

b) Choose another frame with better PD centration

c) Change your PD (not recommended unless you are ordering Plano lenses)


NB: ALWAYS select lenses from the lens tree, NOT the combo boxes. You can choose any combination of product in the combo boxes, but that doesn't make them any less UNAVAILABLE at your lab!



The combination of Design/Material/Coating that I am looking for doesn't appear at all in my tree

If you can't locate the product you are looking for in the tree, un-check "Display Favorites Only" and try searching for it in the search bar (partially type the name of the product + click on Filter Tree or hit enter on your keyboard).  



 If the combination you are looking for still doesn't appear, here are the probable causes:

  1. The combination is not available at the lab: check with your lab's pamphlets or customer service to make sure that what you are trying to order is an exisiting combination.
  2. Your databases's administrator (head office, manager, owner) manually removed the product from the tree. They might've decided to not sell this lens and voluntarily removed it to prevent staff from selecting it. Contact the person responsible for your database to confirm.
  3. The design is BRAND NEW and the lab's catalog hasn't been updated yet. All catalogs are provided by labs, must be verified, approved then loaded to the databases. Depending on the initial configuration of your WINK database, it's possible that new products don't appear automatically in your database and have to be loaded manually by your administrator. Have your administrator check for new lens imports.
  4. In rare occasions, there can be a catalog error in WINK. If you are absolutely sure that the combination is available at the lab, that it hasn't been manually removed by your administrator or if a product is missing, ask your administrator to contact the WINK support team to signal a missing product.

Certain lenses appear at 0.00$:

If the price stays at 0.00$ upon selecting a lens, it's because your administrator did not price out that lens. Unless your database was configfured with mark-up rules, WINK cannot decide the retail price of a lens for your company. Contact your administration to verify the reason why the lens is not priced out. 

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