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If you're in doubt or unsure that your computer meets WINK's Minimum System Requirements, here is a portable utility (Speccy) that you can run to find out.


This utility is roughly 6 MB and it takes between 30 sec. - 1 min. to analyze your computer specs. 

The computer specs to pay attention to are highlighted in Red (Please refer to caption below)


1.> Operating System: This gives you the type of Windows Operating System you computer is running, and determines whether it's 32-bit or 64-bit. (WINK recommends Windows 7 or higher. Also 64-bit systems are preferred over 32-bit)

2.> CPU: This reading will give you your CPU type and speed. The small graph will indicate the current temperature of your CPU. (WINK recommends 2.0 GHz or higher)

3.> RAM: This reading will tell you how much RAM your system has (8 GB or higher HIGHLY recommended)

4.> Graphics (Optional): This reading will show if your workstation has a separate video card a separate video card or if its using an onboard one. If the Graphics is onboard, your computer will appropriate a portion of your installed RAM for it. If you have a separate video card installed, it will have its own RAM; and therefore your system will use a minimal portion of your RAM for it, or none at all. In the example above, the scanned system has a an ATI X1300 series video card with 128 MB of its own RAM.

5.> Storage: This read-out will advise you the size of your hard drive. The little graph beside it will tell you the percentage of how much of your hard drive you are using. (WINK recommends 50 GB or higher)


Download Link (this will work on both x86 and x64 systems alike):


WINK Minimum System Requirements


When you download and run the Speccy utility, please measure it against the WINK Minimum System Requirements, to determine if your system is qualified to run WINK. This is to ensure you get the best possible experience when running the software for your day-to-day operations.





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