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When your computer first connects to a new network, or restores one due to a sudden power outage, most of the time it will choose a Public network profile. On a Public network profile, your computer will block most network connections- and will adversely affect any program that rely on having unrestricted network access.

In some cases, when connecting to a new network, or restoring a network connection, you may receive a prompt (similar to the caption below):

In the event that you do, click on YES. This will automatically put on a PRIVATE network.


Windows 8/8.1/10 (pre-2018 release)

 To change your network location in Windows 8/8.1/10 Home & Professional, perform these actions (please view captions  below as reference):

i.> Open the Windows 10 settings app by pressing the Windows Key + i or open the Settings app from the start menu


ii.> Click on Network & Internet. Click on either WiFi or Ethernet in the subcategory on the left, depending on what shows there. This is based on your current network connection. If you have simultaneous network connections (both WiFi and Ethernet), both options will appear.

iii.> Check the switch "Find devices and content". If it is off, then it means you are set to "Public". To set to "Private", click on the switch and it will turn blue.



Windows 10 (2018 Release)

If you are sing a more recent iteration of Windows (2018 version) and the instructions above does not work for you, follow the instructions below to change your network location (please view captions  below as reference):


WiFi Connection

1.> Left-click the tiny Wi-Fi network icon on your system tray at bottom-right, near your clock)

2.> Left-click on Properties below the network item near the top of the menu, use whatever your Wi-Fi network's name is (SSID).

3.> Under Network profile, change from Public to Private

3a.> Or click on "Make PC Discoverable"here's-how-Network-Location-looks-win-Windows-10-1607-by-TinkerTry


Wired Connection

  1. Left-click the tiny network icon (computer screen symbol) in your system tray at bottom-right (near your clock)- a sub-menu will appearWin-10-Build-1709-step-1-step-2-by-TinkerTry
  2. Left-click the first network item that comes up near the top of the menu, such as Network Connected or similar network name
  3. Under the top section labeled Ethernet, left-click the first network item that comes up near the top, such as Network ConnectedWindows-10-Build-1709-Wired-Fix-Step-3-by-TinkerTry
  4.  Under Network profile, change from Public to PrivateWindows-10-Build-1709-Wired-Fix-Step-4-by-TinkerTry4a.> Or click on "Make PC Discoverable"here's-how-Network-Location-looks-win-Windows-10-1607-by-TinkerTry




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