Frame price markup

WINK provides you with the ability to markup your frames based on the manufacturer's wholesale price, your negotiated price, or the price you actually paid!


Markup by BRAND: 

WINK can automatically determine a price depending on the brand. For example, I can set all my Ray Ban sunframes to be marked up with the following rule: (cost x 2) +$10.00

1) Company>> Additional products>> Frame Brands & Markups


2) Search and select the brand you would like to apply markups to>> Click on Edit >> Click on Create New Markup Rule:


You can choose the way you want to markup your brand! 


Markup by COST:

You can also establish a retail price by its cost. For example, all frames that cost between $100.01 and $150.00 will have a markup of (cost x 2.5)+ $0.

1) On the main page of WINK, type "MARKUPS" in the search bar>> hit Enter


2) Indicate your markup rules:


*NB: You cannot enter same values on different lines (ex: cost of $100.00 cannot be on 2 markup lines, next markup rule has to start at $100.01).

If you set different retail prices and markup rules, priority will be established in this order:

  1. Set price
  2. Markup by brand
  3. Markup by cost (Published Wholesale)
  4. Markup by cost (Negotiated Cost)
  5. Markup by cost (Actual Paid price, FIFO)





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