Receiving frames that are payable in different currency


I need to receive frames from a supplier located in a different country.  I need to pay this supplier in a currency other than the one we use in this country.  How do I do the data entry in WINK?


  • You operate a store in Canada
  • You are receiving frames from a supplier in France.
  • The invoice from the supplier in question has 3 frames on it, each frame is 100 euros, therefore the invoice total is 300 euros


  1. On the paper invoice itself, you will write in blue pen:
    1. Your bank’s exchange rate of the day (assume 1.50)
    2. The value of each frame in Canadian dollars (therefore $150)
    3. If applicable, the value of other invoice items in Canadian dollars (ie: shipping charges)
    4. The total of your invoice in Canadian dollars (therefore $450)
  2. In WINK, click on “Receive from Supplier” >> New
    1. Fill out this page as usual. Enter your values in Canadian dollars
    2. The total of this electronic supplier bill should match the total you calculated and wrote in blue pen on the paper version of the invoice itself.
    3. In the Notes section of Supplier Bill you should type:
      1. Original invoice in : EUR
      2. Original value in other currency: 300 euros
      3. Exchange rate at time of data entry: 1.50


  • Your accountant will pay the supplier in France 100 euros for the 3 frames in question, for a total of 300 euros
  • In WINK, each frame will have a value of 150 dollars, for a total of $450.
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