WINK Question: Quick Sales vs Simple Invoice*

by: Michael Codner


*This article assumes you are familiar with a Simple Invoice. If you are not, please refer to this article: Simple Invoices

Both the Quick Sales and Simple Invoice feature in WINK looks very similar in appearance, and perform very similar in terms of function. So what's the difference?


Differences in Functions:

A Simple Invoice is basically a receipt you give to a returning customer or a new customer you've entered into your database. In general, the Simple Invoice will not be as detailed as a regular invoice. Some scenarios that would warrant the creation of a simple invoice, is that its being filled out quickly at first, to deal with the customer at hand, and then properly fill out later. Or a Simple Invoice could be created by an office assistant, which would then be later reviewed and properly filled out by a doctor or qualified staff.

In addition, there are prerequisite steps that must be followed before creating a Simple Invoice:

Create the following "Non-Inventory Products" in your database, by clicking on 'B.>#8- Other Non-Inventory Products' from the WINK main page. (Please refer to the caption below)


B.8 Other Non-Inventory Products>> NEW>> Enter Name; Click on RETAIL Tab; Enter Label (i.e. "Any Frame") in field PRINT ON INVOICE AS..; Enter Default Price; Click on Green Checkmark; and then Save changes

  1. "Any Frame"
    1. Print on Invoice As:  Frame
    2. Default Retail Price:  $0.00
  2. "Any Lenses"
    1. Print on Invoice As:  Lenses
    2. Default Retail Price:  $0.00
  3. "Any Contact Lenses"
    1. Print on Invoice As:  Contact Lenses
    2. Default Retail Price:  $0.00



 Furthermore, a Simple Invoice can be converted to a detailed or completed invoice at a later time. 


For Quick Sales are the selling of accessories in WINK, that are not likely to be tracked- such as non-prescription eyewear. In addition, Quick Sales are for customers who won't be added to the database (i.e. random visitors, tourists, etc...). And unlike Simple Invoices, the invoices from these sales cannot be converted into a completed invoice.


Differences in Access:

Simple Invoices are created via Find Patient



Quick Sales are created via Quick Sale and are generally used for non-patients (tourists, visitors, etc.)



Differences in Appearance:

Subtle differences between Quick Sales window and Simple Invoices window (Please refer to captions below)

  • Simple Invoices Window has Patient History options/features along the side
  • The Quick Sales Window has the label "Quick Sales" at the very top of the window, and a label below the SAVE button
  • Quick Sales window is a lot less populated in comparison to Simple Invoice window
  • There is the option to create an Rx or CL worksheet in Simple Invoice window. There is no such option for Quick Sales










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