I cannot find a frame using Frames Data IDA


I have a subscription to Frames Data IDA, but I am unbale to locate certain frames in WINK.  Please help!


1-) It can take up to 24 hours for Frames Data IDA to initially sync with WINK. This is because certain data may need to be verified first.

2-) Frames Data is not a complete list of all frames in the world. Not all manufacturers list their frames on Frames Data. Furthermore, whereas suppliers like Luxottica, Safilo, Marchon and Marcolin likely list most of their frames on Frames Data, they don't necessarily list "all" of their frames on Frames Data.

3-) If you find UPC codes on frames that WINK is not able to find in Frames Data, we encourage you to

  1. Search for the frame by model number (type the model number exactly as it appears on the frame)
  2. If you still can't find it, create the frame yourself manually in WINK.
  3. Login to the Frames Data website and search for the frame there. If it's not on the Frames Data website, then it won't be in WINK.

4-) If you find a frame in Frames Data, that is not in WINK, please send us the Brand, Model, Color, Dimensions and UPC code and we will investigate. There may be important differences between the way the data appears on the frame versus the way it is listed in Frames Data.  Send your email to

With respect to UPC Codes, you can scan a UPC code into the search prompt within "Barcode Opening Inventory". You can also type the UPC code in the same place. Again, if the UPC code is not in Frames Data, then nothing will display.

Please note, WINK does not generate UPC codes. WINK generates Serial Numbers. WINK serial numbers are always preceeded by an "s". For example "s265".  UPC codes are generated by product manufacturers.

Thanks!  --Wink Support

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