Transfer inventory from one store to another store

Here is how to transfer frames from one store (practice) to another

  1. Call the store from which (to which) the frame is being transferred, to request the product transfer.
  2. Click on the Inventory tab and "Transfer Inventory" 
  3. Click on "New" to record a new transfer
  4. By default the system loads into the "Reception", or "From Store", mode, meaning you are going to receive product from another location into your inventory.  If you are the one transferring a product to another location, click on "Change to Transfer".
  5. Choose the store that you wish to receive/transfer product from/to ("From Store" drop-down list). The "Transfer To" store will default to your location. These labels will alternate, depending on whether you are receiving product from another location, or transfering your inventory to another location.  So make sure the appropriate stores are appearing in the "From" and "To" fields (Where is the transfer coming "From", and where is it going "To").
  6. Type a unique reference number by which the transfer can be tracked in the future. (Ex: JohnSmith-20141231... or something more meaningful).
  7. In the field "Type Product Name/SKU", type the "exact" model number for the frame that you want to receive and press "Enter", or simply scan the barcode on the frame label.
    1. If there are many frames with that model number in your database, then you will have to select the one you want to transfer. Alternatively, if there is only 1, it will be added automatically.
    2. You must now define the price at which you want to "BUY/SELL" the frame from/to the other store. By default, the Unit Price that appears is $0.00. You can buy/sell the frame for $0.00 if you want to.  If you want to know the cost for the frame in question, you can click on the ellipse ("...") icon to the immediate right of the product name, and subsequently, click on the "Cost Price" tab. When done, click on "Close" to return to the main window.
  8. Add all other frames to be received/transferred in the same way.
  9. Click Save >> Print >> Close


In doing the steps above, the inventory has been "sold" from one store to the other.  Furthermore, the inventory quantity has been transferred from one store's database (balance sheet) to the other store's database (balance sheet). For accounting purposes, WINK inter-store transfers are treated as "FOB Origin". Essentially, the moment you complete the creation of the document described above, the value and quantity of the goods are transferred to the other store.

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