Connect WINK to Frames Data IDA

Here is how to integrate Frames Data IDA with Wink:

  1. Purchase a subscription to Frames Data IDA: 
  2. Select "Wink" in one of the last drop-down menus at the bottom of the page.
  3. In Wink, make sure that you have saved the correct Zip Code for your store via your store's settings page.
  4. Via the Wink menu bar, click on: Settings >> Frames Data Activation
  5. Enter the UserName provided to you by Frames Data.
  6. Select the store that your license of Frames Data is valid for.
  7. Allow Frames Data and Wink 24 hours to confirm that your license is valid and to make available to you the necessary data.

NB: You will get much more value out of your Frames Data subscription when said subscription is paired with a Honeywell Barcode Scanner from Wink.

Once the 24-hour period has elapsed, Wink will be integrated with Frames Data. To complete the process, you need to access the Wink "Suppliers" page and enter account numbers for all the new suppliers which appear in your list. This process usually takes about 15 minutes (depending on the number of suppliers you deal with).

  • If you notice any doubles, then you must "merge" them.
  • If the supplier is a lab or an insurance company, make sure to check off the appropriate boxes.
  • If you don't know your account number, then you can simply type "default" as an account number. (don't forget to assign the account number to the store).

Benefits of Wink integrated with Frames Data:

  1. Inventory Management
    1. Via the "Product Receive/Transfer" and "Barcode Opening Inventory" pages, you can add frames to your inventory by simply typing the model number in the field. Alternatively, you can simply scan the UPC code on the frame's label. If the frame is in Frames Data, then all the data associated with that frame will be instantly imported into your Wink database. All you need to do is insert the price you paid and the price you're selling it for. This literally takes seconds.
  2. Frame Research
    1. Ever wondered if a particular frame was available in a different color or a different size? Via Frames Data, Wink can tell you that.
    2. Want to see a picture of a frame? Frames data has thousands of pictures. You can view them via Wink.
    3. Need to know the Wholesale Price of a frame? Frames Data has that info too, and Wink uses it for insurance and/or profitability calculations.

NB: Any frames which you "Manually Create" in Wink, will not be synced with Frames Data. This is logical given the propensity for data entry errors.

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