WINK FAQ: Shipping and Handling

Here is the process for entering a shipping and handling charge for products received from suppliers.

Create a SERVICE called Shipping and Handling

  1. Click on "Other Services" >> New
  2. In the field "Name", type "Shipping and Handling".  (Or Transport if you prefer)
  3. Click Save >> Click YES in the error prompt
  4. Close

Click on Product: Receive/Transfer

  1. Follow all the normal steps that you follow when receiving products from a supplier.
  2. When you have finished entering all your products, in the field for product name type the word "Shipping" (Or "Transport" if you prefer)
  3. Enter the amount in the field.
  4. If there are taxes, then select the appropriate tax code from the drop-down list to the right of the cost price
  5. Click Save >> print barcodes >> close
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