Product Receive/Transfer: Select supplier's account number

To be able to select a supplier account number in the "Product: receive/transfer" screen, you first have to have an account number for that supplier that has been enabled for the current store.

Associate Supplier's Account Number with Store:

  1. Create supplier in the Suppliers Screen
  2. Add your account number for that supplier
  3. Associate that account number with one or many stores 
  4. Save changes


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    Permanently deleted user

    Even if you only have one location, you have to assign the store or you will not be able to save invoices!

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    Ted Harrar

    Hi Aaron,
    Yes, even if you only have one location, you must always assign your supplier account numbers to it. This is because, the day you open a second location, you may not want to go back and assign account numbers to the first one, for each of your suppliers. In this sense, WINK is a true multi-location PMS.

    We hope you're enjoying WINK. Thanks for the feedback!
    --WINK Support

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