Managing ICD codes

All medical care claims sent to your province/state require an ICD code to specify your diagnosis of the patient's issue and provide a reason for the service(s) provided.


The ICD Code list(s) used by WINK are obtained from official ICD code websites, and therefore, should be complete and accurate.  However, there are instances when a list may be missing a particular code, or that a new code needs to be added to your ICD code list.  These instances do not require WINK to issue a blanket update to our customers.  If a particular code is missing, you can easily add it to your list.  You can also change the description of a particular code, if you wish.


Adding a New ICD Code:

This is a very simple process.


(2) Click on NEW when presented with the list of current ICD codes (or, OPEN an existing code to make changes to it if you wish).
(3) Enter the code, a description of that code, and select the "Revision" you are using (Ontario users are using ICD9-CM-31.  There are specific lists for AHCIP and MSP which may be available to you.
(4) SAVE the new (or revised) code.
The provincial/state medical care authorities do not get the description, they only get the ICD code number chosen for the claim.  They have no idea what description you have on your end (see Step #2 above).


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